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  1. Keep up the great work! There is so much momentum and we need everyone to help us protect free speech and take back our campuses! Support the students at http://www.wewontbesilenced.com

    Comment by Zalman Shazar | February 20, 2010 | Reply

  2. Someone has to have a tough talk with Chancellor Drake and Vice Chancellor Gomez about them protecting OUR free speech. Our, meaning all of us other students at UCI, who could care less about the MSU and their bullying tactics. At least Israel is a real democracy like our United States of America. Why should we pay for these nutcases to learn in our University’s.

    Comment by Zalman Shazar | February 20, 2010 | Reply

  3. Has anyone been looking into who is actually coaching and supporting these Muslim students how and what to do on these college campuses? it sure seems like there is something bigger behind them, planning and organizing them to move and grow in these loud and seemingly dangerous ways.
    That is a larger point that is concerning me, they are being organized to create something bigger, and it is growing.

    Comment by Elinor | April 9, 2010 | Reply

  4. As a former UCI student, I am appalled to see that, since I began attendance in 2001, the Chancellor’s office has remained so complacent towards anti-Semitism on campus that the situation has not improved in NINE YEARS. Although there is a substantial Muslim extremist population on campus – and therefore substantial income to the university from this population – it’s time for UCI to join the ranks of the socially attuned univerisites that have adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards hate on campus.

    While at UCI, I felt lucky that by being a very active member of AFI and a boardmember of Hillel, I could be a part of the change on campus that was long overdue: the change from an anti-Semitic environment to one of tolerance andmutual respect.

    Nothing has changed since I hung Hillel posters on campus, only to find them torn down or splattered with red paint and swastikas the next day…since Hillel’s Holocaust memorial exhibits in Aldrich Park were mutilated year after year…since Zionists on campus were harassed by MSU members at a ration of one-to-twenty….since Professor Levine lectured his class on the evils of Zionism…since Israel-related campus speakers were interrupted by Muslim protesters during their presentations.

    Hiring a high-profile communications firm to preach tolerance to those who won’t listen is a first step, but UCI can’t stop there. It’s time to raise the standards for respectful dissent among campus groups. UCI must adopt and enforce a zero-tolerance policy towards anti-Semitism, and enforce the policy with a firm hand instead of the slaps on the wrist that have proven ineffective throughout the last decade. This will save the university more embarassments in the future, and will attract more socially-evolved students who are currently afraid to come to such a campus.

    A final side note to the African-American/Black students who rose in support of the Muslim protesters: Do some research. Travel virtually to Israel, then to Palestinian territory. Which society is more racially tolerant, more welcoming to you? Which one champions the civil rights of its black members? The answer may surprise you.

    Comment by Hila S. | April 12, 2010 | Reply

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