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Chicago Area Synagogues Target for Terrorists

The news began this morning that possible bombs or bomb related equipment was on a UPS flight that took off from Yemen.

CNN was one of the first news organizations on the story.  By the end of the day, it was revealed that two bombs were part of a terror plot targeting Jewish Synagogues in the Chicago area.

According to an Associated Press story, preliminary tests indicated the packages found on two different airplanes contained the powerful industrial explosive PETN, the same chemical used in the Christmas attack, U.S. officials said.

CBS television posted the following three-minute video that shows U.S. President Barak Obama addressing the credible terror threat.  He confirmed that both packages were found in Dubai and the United Kingdom and originated in Yemen.

Screen shot from CBS Video


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UC Irvine labeled “Worst Campus” on Fox News

Fox news recently tackled a topic called “Radicalism in Our Universities – The Startling Words of a UCSD Student” during one of its shows.

Conservative commentator David Horowitz appeared on the Fox News to talk about the UC San Diego Muslim student he confronted during “Hate Week” which was held on that campus at the same time it was being held at UCI.

Sean Hannity invited Horowitz to speak on his show against Mark Levine, a Pro Palestinian professor at UCI.

During the discussion, Horowitz calls UC Irvine  “the worst campus when it comes to intimidating and harassing Jewish students.” This was a pretty bold statement coming about a discussion on something going on at UC San Diego.  it appears all that is going on at UCI cannot stay out of the news, even for pro-terrorist statements made an hour south of Orange County.

The Irvine comment from Horowitz comes about five and a half minutes into the nine minute interview.   See it for yourself in this video.

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Hunting Down Jews and UC Schools: Watch This

The problems the Muslim Students are causing for Jewish students on college campuses are not limited to UC Irvine.  I encourage you to watch this video of David Horowitz, who was visiting UC San Diego during the Muslim Student Union’s version of Israel Apartheid Week on Monday.  He has a very interesting exchange with a UC San Diego Muslim student and the YouTube video has drawn more than 40,000 views in less than 24 hours.

Horowitz asks the student to condemn Hamas which she will not do.  The crux of the three-minute video comes near the end.

If you have not been able to get to UCI this week, here is a photo sample from the Muslim Student Union’s handy work.

Muslim Student Union with clear propaganda message for students passing by

MSU propaganda at UC Irvine

Jewish Federation Orange County, Stand With US and other concerned students and  faculty showed up to the MSU’s Hate Week events on Monday to make sure they were seen and heard.

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U.S. Based Terror Plot

Terror suspect Faisal Shahzad arrested trying to flee New York

If you still have your head in the sand and think that terrorism against freedom only happens in places like the Middle East, the most recent plot in New York City should serve as a wake up call.

Faisal Shahzad was arrested at John F Kennedy Airport in New York on Monday night on charges that he drove a bomb-laden Nissan Pathfinder meant to kill innocent bystanders in Times Square.

The government held a press conference today announcing they have arrested Shahzad, a naturalized America citizen some 53 hours after the smoking car was discovered.  According to the press conference, he was identified on Sunday night.

Israeli citizens are constantly alert for suspicious objects.  That mentality needs to be quickly adopted by Americans.  Terror attempts will not go away.  I believe there is a false sense of security Americans believe they have since the 9-11 attacks.  The world has changed since then.  There is no going back.

However, this case only became public because a street vendor helped stopped a possible catastrophe.  We do not know how many attempted terror attacks have been prevented and have never been reporter on by news media.

People play an important role in the security of public places.  Be aware when you are in a public place.

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