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Over Coffee: A UCI Graduate’s Perspective

Yesterday I was at one of Orange County’s best shopping destination:  Fashion Island.  I was sitting outside, enjoying lunch when a mom and daughter plopped down next to me with their dog.  I was speaking in Hebrew at my table when the mom noticed and began to speak with us in Hebrew as well.

It turns out the mom is Israeli and the conversation quickly turned to Jews living in Orange County.  The daughter sitting next to us, with her wavy brown hair and big smile, graduated from UCI last year and is currently working on her acting career in Los Angeles.

When I learned she was an Anteater, I had to ask about her experience at UCI and how much her college experience was influenced by events that have played out in the media.

I have met  many of the active Jewish college students and had never had the pleasure of visiting this woman before.  It was only one opinion but I wanted a perspective from a Jewish student not in the middle of the ruckus during the past two years.

This is what she told me.

Yes, she was aware fo the problems with the Muslim Student Union.  During her college days, she had gone to a few events with Anteaters for Israel (AFI) and spoke kindly of recent graduate Isaac Yerushalmi, an active UCI Jewish student.

Her overall experience during her days at UCI was positive.  She was a drama major and focused her energy at school in this area.  She is a proud Jew and overall gave her experiences at UCI a thumbs up.  She was honest, forthcoming and you could see her mom was proud.

Balance.  It is just one perspective, but another positive experience from a young Jewish adult at UCI.


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