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Recap of Rose Project Evening With Mark Yudof

Last night, the Jewish Federation hosted University of California President, Mark G.
Yudof, on his first-ever visit with the Orange County Jewish community. The evening’s program, part of the Rose Project
Distinguished Guest Lecture Series, was made possible by a grant from the Margolis Family Foundation. The event was co-sponsored by the ADL, AJC and Hillel Foundation.

President Yudof delivered a 30-minute speech to an audience of 400 community members, investors and stakeholders, and took questions from the audience.

Jeff Margolis, Co-Chair of the Rose Project, stated in his opening remarks, “This gathering demonstrates that we, as a community, are not
standing idly by as certain individuals and organizations freely wield anti-Zionist rhetoric and perhaps even promote blatant anti-Semitism
on the UCI campus.”

President Yudof covered a wide range of topics during the 90-minute discussion, which included his condemnation of anti-Semitism at UCI
and the Muslim Student Union’s disruption of Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren. A noted Constitutional scholar, he also spoke about the
issues of hate speech vs. free speech.

He stated, “I do condemn the anti-Israel speech. I condemn the insults to our students—and they are insults. I condemn the unbalanced
programs, and I condemn the disruption of Ambassador Oren’s speech. And I condemn all the anti-Semitic utterances heard on the campuses. I’ve said that before. I’m saying it now. I’ve said it in writing, and
I will do it again.”

President Yudof commended the community’s dedication to the challenges at UCI and the impact made over the years by our organizations,
particularly since the creation of the Rose Project by Jewish Federation & Family Services. He added, “No matter how hard you work,
no matter how many students of goodwill you have, no matter how effective the Jewish community in Orange County, now matter how active
the students, it only take 20 lunatics and bigots on campus to really upset everyone.”

Earlier in the afternoon, President Yudof met privately with a group of 30 UCI Jewish students to learn more about their experieces on


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  1. Right. And a young Jewish female photographer and once student at UCI who has photographed MSU events for a couple of years at personal risk, been followed to her car, harassed and hit over the head with posters filming anti-Israel rallies in LA-was given the bum’s rush last night by Elcott and his security guard for trying to film the speech.

    I was there and this whole event was a pathetic joke, carefully controlled by the Fed.

    Gary Fouse

    Comment by gary fouse | November 5, 2010 | Reply

    • Gary, she wasn’t bum rushed. The security guard saw her filming and wanted to confirm whether she was press since she had not signed in at the media check-in table. On her own, she offered to stop filming. Elcott only stepped over to them after the young woman and her friend began to cake a ruckus in the back of the room. And, by the way, she was never a student at UCI. You have to stop selling the victim card all the time.

      Comment by Zug Gornisht | November 5, 2010 | Reply

    • Editor’s note: The photographer was never a student at UCI. She was a student at Penn State.

      Comment by ocguy18 | November 6, 2010 | Reply

  2. It is correct that the camerawoman was never a UCI student, and “bum’s rush” might have been a poor choice of slang as there was no physical force. Yet, I stand by my statement however, that she was treated in a most rude and aggressive manner in the lobby. Would you like the people involved to clear it up on your blog?

    Comment by gary fouse | November 7, 2010 | Reply

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