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UCI, the First Week

Students are back at UC Irvine and classes are in full swing as we head into Simchat Torah and the first week of October.

The students on the Orange County campus finally made news for something other than the Muslim Student Union suspension on September 21st when nearly 1,800 Anteaters gathered at the Bren Events Center for a reported Guinness World Record for the largest game of dodgeball.  It may sound surprising that so many students were in the Bren Center at one time, but the event was well received and the media picked up on the event.

However, it is back to business as usual now that classes have begun.

The New University, the school’s weekly student run newspaper had the following headline in the year’s first issue:

MSU Suspension Unjust

The story, an opinion piece by Madiha Shahabuddin stated in the second paragraph of a lengthy story, “UC Irvine’s recently disappointing decision to suspend the MSU for fall quarter and impose a two-year probationary period is an unjust punishment that will be detrimental to the diversity of this campus.” You can read the entire MSU related opinion piece here.

Aaron Elisa, countered with his own opinion piece titled:

Suspending MSU the Right Move for UCI

Here is how Aaron led the opinion piece:  “I’m willing to bet that you, like me, are sick to your stomach with the feud that’s been raging on campus for years between Anteaters for Israel and the Muslim Student Union. It’s bad for the atmosphere and for the school’s reputation; too many people and institutions all over the world think UC Irvine is a vile cesspool of Jew-hatred. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have just one year without all the saber rattling and mudslinging?”  If you’d like to read the entire piece, click here.

So what has changed on the campus since June?  The faces have changed.  A few have graduated, a group has been technically suspended but the jury is still out. Will se really see change on the campus?  Stay tuned.


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