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Try This Little Experiment

The following appeared as an Op-Ed in the Los Angeles Times on June 1st, but is worth re-printing and linking to the original letter submitted by E. Scott Menter.  Here is what he wrote to the Los Angeles Times

I’d like to conduct an experiment. I’d like to bring some contraband from
Mexico into the United States — let’s say, perhaps, a couple of ounces of
marijuana. Let’s further suppose that marijuana is actually intended as
humanitarian assistance for my roommate, who suffers from glaucoma.

At the border, I am stopped. The police demand to see the contents of my
trunk. Of course, as I am on a humanitarian mission, I feel no obligation
to comply.

My response? I begin beating the border agent with a bat. A couple of my
friends join in. One of them takes the agent’s gun away and shoots him
with it.

We are all arrested and taken to prison in an obvious attempt to sabotage
our humanitarian mission. Though we have no access to TV, we’re certain
our images are being shown all over the world and that the U.N. Security
Council is meeting to condemn this disproportionate action.

At that very moment, with great despair I realize my mistake, one that
will leave me to rot in prison for a very long time. You see, I’ve
violated the borders of the United States: Nobody would consider
questioning that nation’s right to defend itself.

There is, indeed, only one country on Earth judged harshly for acting in
its own self-defense: Israel.

E. Scott Menter



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