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UC Irvine, Israel, and Ambassador and Michael B. Oren

In case you missed it, a few days ago the Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael B. Oren visited the UC Irvine (UCI) campus to speak on a number of issues including the relationship between Israel and America.  It is a heck of a way to start the first blog entry of the OC Jewish Experience.  UC Irvine, Israel and Ambassador Michael B. Oren.  A quiet peaceful speech by a high-ranking dignitary visiting Orange County?

The Ambassador was interrupted time and time again by a group associated with the Muslim Student Union (MSU).  The protesters stood up and among other things shouted ant-Israel slogans and expletives.  The interruptions got so bad the Ambassador left the stage hoping order would be restored but it was not.   This was all staged in front of UC Irvine chancellor Michael Drake and long-time professor Mark Petracca.

By the time the evening was finished, there were 11 people arrested and yet while challenged to do so, Ambassador Michael B. Oren did finish his planned speech.  The group of protestors however had accomplished their mission.  They disrupted and tried to stop an organized, campus-approved event.  They became the focus of media attention that focused on their plight and they tried to drag the school through the mud once again.

Before we get to the video below, it should be noted that the actions of the protestors made news from UC Irvine to Israel and everywhere in between.  More than 220 stories were written, most of it unflattering to the school, the group and Orange County.

View their actions for yourself.

Here are several links to stories that ran locally, Nationally and Internally related to this event/staged protest.

The New University, UCI’s student newspaper which filed a story on February 15, 2010

OC Register

LA Times story

Kansas City Star

Jerusalem Post


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